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Long Hairstyle for Oriental Hair

Denyce Lawton has that exotic appeal that many of us envy from afar (February 7th, 2007). She has that long black oriental hair that looks thick, but usually isn't. We can see angles framing alongside both sides of her face. Excellent choice...
No doubt, Denyce uses a lot of hair products such as moisturizers, gels or mouse and hot sets to help her have this long, satiny smooth hairstyle that is so captivating.
Denyce Lawton - Long satiny smooth hairstyle for black hair
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Parted in the center with a good strong gel applied, the blow brush begins its task with a heavily bristled round brush moving under the hair and stretching it forward into smooth straight lines.
When completely dry you can apply a hot setting spray and use a flat iron if you would prefer a smoother look. Afterward apply your smoothing crème especially along the ends.
Hairstyle for long oriental hair - Denyce Lawton Hairstyle for Asian women - Denyce Lawton Denyce Lawton wearing a short knitted and V-neck dress
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