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Claudia Schiffer & Monica Potter

Claudia Schiffer - 03/10/2009

Claudia Schiffer wearing a silk white blouse Claudia Schiffer's hair looks smooth as the beautiful silk white blouse she is wearing. Her hair is quickly blown to achieve the fluff and taffy appearance of her hair color. A large round brush can produce this type of willowy look, when you hold the brush under the hair while blowing dry and gently bring the brush out to the ends section by section. A smart contrast is the ruby red lip tint that uniquely stands out from her hair along with the blouse. The rest of her makeup is applied lightly, again to allow the attention to lean toward the lips.
Tip: Whatever bright color you wear is where you will be drawing attention to yourself. For example: if you are wearing a large flowery sarong with large green leaves and bright red hibiscus flowers complete with colorful parrots, this is the first thing people will see when they look at you. If you do not want your body or lips to be noticed, simply tone it down a bit.
Monica Potter - 03/10/2009
Monica Potter with flowing hair that lies upon her shoulders
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Monica Potter poses with shoulder length blonde layers with cappuccino slices next to her platinum hair. Her hair is fashioned over to the side that angles down her face and then connects to the rest of her hair. The other side is brought down with smoothing serum applied for the ends to move toward her face as well. The rest of her hair lies easily upon her shoulders in semi rounds flowing with the hairstyle.
Monica follows the lead on light make up with eyeliner, lashes, mascara, penciled brows, a little pink in the cheek area and lips. The heaviest make up is the upper eyeliner and with the shape of her blue eyes, she can wear it successfully.