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Kirsten Dunst & Claudia Schiffer

Spider-Man 3 London Premier 04/23/2007

       German born model and actress Claudia Schiffer was discovered in a nightclub in Dusseldorf. She is wearing the ever popular center part with her hair in long layers that are angled along the sides and end in the strings that are so prevalent for today. Claudia's hair has a shiny gloss over her high fashioned pale blonde and gives the appearance of a healthy head of hair.
       What can we do differently for Ms. Claudia? Let's give her a haircut, right to the edge of her collar. Then, set her hair to go under, brush out and use more gloss. This type of style would reveal a little of her long neck, but not expose all of it. Another look, that would look really cute on her is "Tennille's" cut (from the singers Captain and Tennille). That is a short fringe all around her face while angled down. The back can be halfway over the neckline. Wouldn't she look different!
Spider-Man 3 London Premier 04/23/2007

       Look Ma, she's wearing a shag like you used to wear! Everything makes a circle again and again. Where have our imaginations gone, to continually repeat hairstyles over? When you lose your vision, the focus is lost too, I guess.
       Kirsten Dunst's hair color is an array of strawberry blondes and browns. Her length comes to her shoulders with the shortest section being in the crown area and the longest area along the bottom in the back and on the sides and in the bang area. Shags are a very versatile haircut and many other cuts have been stemmed from the shag design and modified to suit the client. One of the nice things about the shag is that you can have your cake and eat it too, with the different lengths brings a certain amount of pouf to your hair in the crown, top and upper sides because it is all shorter than the other areas. If you happen to be blessed with naturally curly hair, this cut would be ideal for you, and depending upon the length would depend if you'd still be able to put it back up in the proverbial ponytail once again.