Mikalah Gordon's Layered Hair

Mikalah Gordon - Hair with average length layers
Photos by PR Photos
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Mikalah Gordon has average-length layers in her hair that are angled around the frame of her face. The individual sections of hair that we see are coated with smoothing serum. Use the serum generously if you desire this type of look.
The top is combed over from the side part to bring a few scattered long sections over one eye. The rest of the hair is blended over the sides. Blow drying underneath will achieve this hairstyle. Just about every hairstyle that you see has plenty of helpful hair products used to accommodate the desired coiffure. Test and try them for yourself.
Mikalah has a good, average hair length that could be styled into a graceful abstract of fans or pulled away from the head with curls cascading from the crown. Her hair length offers versatility for many other hairstyles.
Mikalah Gordon - Hairstyle with the top combed over
Photo by PR Photos
Mikalah's makeup features well-blended light and smoky shadows, mascara, thick dark eyeliner, bronzing and blush, and a shimmering coral lip tint. The secret to a good makeup job is always in the blending, much like the flow of a good haircut.
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