Mila Kunis' Updo

Mila Kunis curled updo hairstyle with loose strands
Photo by PR Photos
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Mila Kunis is wearing her hair up into a series of formal curls that begin just below the pouf in her crown and that go well with her dressy gown. One side of her hairstyle has a loose hair strand that dips into a coil and takes over one part of her eye.
The top is styled into a smooth structure with perhaps a small amount of back brushing to accomplish the height desired. When we look closer we can see how the stylist first curled her hair and then brought the different sections to be together.
Mila's green eyes are stunning with tailored eyebrows, warm smoky shadow, light eyeliner, lashes and mascara with a natural lip color. Her dress is a dressy square faced event with wide shoulder straps and patterned with two tones of silver and various circles of light green and platinum.
Mila Kunis with her hair styled up
Photo by PR Photos
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