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Lara Spencer & Alice Evans Hairstyles

Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer - London Premiere - 06/12/2007

Alice Evans - Shag hairstyle with a high side part        Remember the film 2000 101 Dalmatians? Most remember seeing Alice in that successful movie.
       Alice Evans is wearing her hair in a short modified shag style that has relaxed curls and a certain amount of roundness for the pouf she desired. She has a high side part with the larger amount back brushed slightly and moving over the top of her head. There is only about a third of her bangs on her forehead and her sides fall in irregular patterns, making sure her look is individualistic and quite suitable for our celebrity. She has pale blonde hair that goes well with her skin tones. Her lovely dress looks like a satin light pale yellow with a light blue belt and matching purse. Although, I can think of a number of colors I believe would have looked more becoming on Alice with her blonde hair, she is pulling this off pretty well.
A Mighty Heart - New York City Movie Premiere - 06/13/2007
Lara Spencer - Shoulder length hairstyle Lara Spencer - Hairstyle to combine with evening wear
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       Lara Spencer is in communications and sometimes you will see her on television hosting a show like Antique Roadshow.
       Our celebrity has platinum blonde shoulder length hair that is parted on the side and smoothed along the sides with just a bit of a fringe turning upward. The color of her hair goes very well with her light cranberry colored dress. I see her as wearing her hair up in this formal occasion. A dress like that automatically goes hand and hand with an artistic updo hairstyle. When you think of evening wear, you also think of a evening hairstyle too. When you wear a beautiful evening dress, your hair should compliment the sophisticated elegance it commands. When you think about informality, you think of your hair being worn down. Formality = up. Informality = down. The only time this age old adage is broken, is when the hair is thrown up into a ponytail and the baseball cap is once again put on, and when that happens, you've just run into the baseball cap cult again.