Alice Evans' Hairstyle

Alice Evans hairstyle with relaxed curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Alice Evans rocks a short modified shag style, characterized by relaxed curls and a subtle roundness to achieve the desired pouf. Sporting a high side part, she elegantly sweeps the larger portion of her hair backward, creating a graceful flow over the top of her head.
With just a fraction of her bangs framing her forehead, and the sides falling in irregular patterns, Alice's look is undeniably unique and perfectly suited for her celebrity status. Her pale blonde locks harmonize beautifully with her skin tones.
Her attire, a lovely satin light pale yellow dress adorned with a light blue belt and matching purse, catches the eye. While there may be other color options that could enhance Alice's blonde hair even more, she effortlessly pulls off this ensemble with style and grace.
Alice Evans - Shag hairstyle with a high side part
Photo by PR Photos
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