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Shoulder Length Hair with Pouf

Four years later (March 14th, 2008) and Bonnie Somerville has her hair cut much shorter as we find the ends just touch her shoulders. Her hair still has the golden reds and browns, but looks much lighter with some informal glitz and pouf. The top of her hair is still smooth, only this time there is more perk on the top and along the sides.

Maybe this is what she is smiling about. She just might be feeling good about herself. Her face is radiant with a tan and her eyes have the twin eyeliners in the up and lower areas. She is wearing a grayish blue eye shadow with mascara, pink blush and baby pink lip color.
Her grey and cream top has bits of light brown and even purple involved. The colors give a credence to Bonnie's face and hair that presents a wholesome neutrality to her overall appearance.
Bonnie Somerville wearing her hair shorter Bonnie Somerville - Medium hairstyle with waves Side view of Bonnie Somerville's mid length hairstyle Bonnie Somerville - Light hairstyle for medium long hair Bonnie Somerville with hair that touches the shoulders Bonnie Somerville wearing a top with grey, brown and purple
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