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Sarah Shahi & Mary Lynn Rajskub

Sarah Shahi - 01/05/2009

Sarah Shahi gives off a new freshness to glamour with her ultra large glasses. Very striking! Her hair is designed into long layers that wind down into ribbons of individual panels along the sides. The rest skirts under while barely touching her shoulders. The top has a jagged part with the first section brought over to correspond with the rest of the hair on the side, while the heavier is smoothed over in conjunction with her eye and meeting the other hair.
Heavy eyeliner and light shadows, barely bronzy and a super neutral lip tint is all easily blended to insure Sarah's natural appeal for the photograph as her beautiful smile seals her attractive charm.
Mary Lynn Rajskub - 01/07/2009

Mary Lynn Rajskub keeps her hair tinted into a reddish brown with the crown capped with threads of blonde and a few deeper spells of brown circling around in various areas of her hair. All around long layers are targeted to cover her neckline, she is able to wear it flipped up, under or back and can also wear her hair into a twist or curls. A jumbo curling iron will easily flip it back into the style as shown in the photo. The bangs can also be smoothed by running the iron easily down from the inside out.
Mary's make up is delightfully natural with light and smoky shadows, hints of blush and a neutral shade of lip tint for the finish product. She is wearing a taupe colored rhinestone dress that gives her whole look a boost of elegance. I'd like to see what she would look like with her hair into an upswing.