Sarah Shahi's Angled Hair

Sarah Shahi with straight hair that touches the shoulders
Photo by PR Photos
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Sarah Shahi has a center part, but broken up with a small section in the front pulled over to join the rest of the hair on the side. The sides are textured into angles and styled into a thick straight hairstyle that touches her shoulders.
Her natural hair color tends to be a dark brown with various thin gold stripes placed constructively throughout her hair. Straightening spritz, spray and smoothing serum are all useful products when desiring to achieve the uniformity of these candid lines.
The neutrality that bronzing brings when blending is amazing and Sarah is a prime example. Her eyeliner begins about the top of her brown eye and is drawn completely over to the end with the slightest hint of pencil on the lower end as well.
There is mascara, few penciled strokes in her brows, a warm neutral shadow, blush/bronze on the cheeks, and translucent lip tint. Good blending leads to a good neutral natural appearance.
Sarah Shahi with the sides of her hair cut into angles
Photo by PR Photos
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