Kelly Osbourne's Pixie Cut

Kelly Osbourne with clipper cut hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Kelly Osbourne has deep brown hair that dips into a wave into the center of her forehead and ends along the side of her temple into a generous wide curl.
Her hair has been clipper cut up high and tight along the sides, around her ears and rides up into her crown. The longest sections of hair are on the top. The dark brown hair color definitely embraces Kelly's most attractive eyes.
Because she has a square face, I would allow for her to grow her hair out into a smooth or curly bob length, just up from her chin line. In this way, the curls or smoothness of the cut would go into that area of the facial line to camouflage the shape.
Her diamond earrings are also a help, drawing attention to her eyes and lips.
Kelly Osbourne's pixie cut with buzzed sides
Photo by PR Photos
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