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Kelly Osbourne's Hair

Kelly Osbourne was at the 010 Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" on June 5, 2010 and being quite versatile with her hair in the past, this time decided to be different and wear her hair in a most unusual dressy short hairstyle with the top and sides going back and a few sections of hair dipping over the side of her face and resting in idle coils upon her temple. There is a probable darker hair piece attached in the back that is made up with the curls that we see.
Kelly has a pear shaped face which means that the lower section of her face is wider than her forehead.
She keeps her eyebrows to an average thickness and wears heavy eyeliner that begins close to the inner sections of her eyes and gets thicker as it crosses over to the other side drawn into a cat pattern. Light concealor is applied in the inner section of her eyes, with a light shadow. The lids of the eyes have a darker color and while there is very little blush and a coral lip tone, her multi colored dress puts it all together for her.
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