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Maggie Gyllenhaal & Jaime King

Maggie Gyllenhaal - 12/03/2008

A conservative short hairstyle for Maggie Gyllenhaal is brought with smooth long layers that are combed in an angle allowing for the small wave that dips off from the top and combed around the one side. The other side brings a small amount of fringe to lie just under her cheekbones. A variety of warm cinnamon colors extracts a few pink hues from her skin color with the help of her lip tint and slight blush.
The dress Maggie is wearing is sort of a brownish taupe that brings a flavor of being an old fashioned girl of yesterday. She is wearing flesh colored earrings that go with the coloring of the dress and a thin double strand necklace.
Jaime King - 12/04/2008

Jamie King gives a new directness to an unequivocal linear blunt haircut! Her platinum ends go beyond the show of bluntness, and give an air of a sheer stiffness that is straighter than a plumb line. Having light blonde hair, every thread of hair is noticed and stands out more than a brown color. A touch of zigzag in the center reveals the obvious natural hair lick, only adds to Jaime's attractiveness.
If this medium length haircut appeals to you, remember; to get the blunt cut first. Then, use needed gels to blow dry your hair with a jumbo brush. Add smoothing serum if you would like to relay the individual sections of your hair to look like Jamie's and keep your cuticles closed.
How can Jaime have such gorgeous blonde hair and still have such a natural look in her face? Give her make up artist a medal, because her skin tone looks positively radiant. Her eyes shine and it's all because of her hairstyle and the application of her make up.