Jennie Garth's Curled Hair

Jennie Garth - Curled hairstyle with a hair ornament
Photo by PR Photos
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Jennie Garth is giving us a real treat with her smooth fine lines that began with the small simple part on the side. Her hair is practically all one length and this is why we see the large rounded bulk along the sides and the back.
There are several options to arrive at this style and rolling with conventional rollers would not only be healthier for your hair but have more punch behind the whole staying process of the hairstyle.
Spritz your setting lotion and roll medium sized rollers measuring under from the part. Then about half way, roll the rest of the rollers vertically toward the face. When dry, brush out vigorously with a firm natural bristled brush bringing the hair over to the side and allowing the hair to fluff up as pictured and bring the hair on the other side behind the ear.
Fasten with a hair ornament in which case Jennie's choice is the black flower. Experiment with your hair. You never know what you can do, until you go for it!
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