Hairstyle with Side Braids

Brooke Kinsella - Long hairstyle with side braids
Photo by PR Photos
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Brooke Kinsella attended the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in London and wore her hair in side braids that began from the high off-centered part, which were integrated with the hair on her sides and fastened in the back. The rest of her hair was rounded over the braids with small casual coils winding down to touch her shoulders.
I would say that Brooke's hairstyle could be low maintenance. You make a simple center part or wherever you desire and begin your braids from the part, taking up more hair as you go, around the sides and under the hair, conforming your braid like that of a hairband.
The crown of the hair can be rounded with a large round curling iron, wrapping the sections under, and then the rest of the hair in smaller sections being wound vertically for the lazy curls that we see. Braiding can be quite dressy and is easy to do and will last all day and evening when they are secured properly with bands and pins.
Brooke Kinsella
Photo by PR Photos
Brooke's hair color is high maintenance with continual monthly touch-ups to look your best, unless of course, your new growth wouldn't bother you, as is the trend today. Then you could wait another month before your next touch-up, like Brooke's. The dark hair next to the light beige blonde always brings an awareness of the energy going on with the individual.
Brooke's makeup is with a warm golden foundation, with thin arched eyebrows, a smoky teal on her lower eyelid blended in with a taupe. There is eyeliner, lashes, and mascara, bronzing/blush, and a light flesh lip color.
Brooke would look more attractive with the total elimination of her dark eyeshadow and eyeliner, replacing it with the light beige color that is in the inner creases of her eyes, as it would bring a widening of her eyes. Lashes and mascara would be more than enough to enhance her beauty. A rose coral lip tint would bring out her lovely skin tones. More often than not, less is more.
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