Brooke Burke's Shiny Hair

Brooke Burke - Shiny and easy to style long hair
Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
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The first thing that draws our attention toward Brooke Burke is the sheen of her long hair that gives the impression of health.
The next thing we can note is the robust texture of the hair, when you touch it, you would be able to feel the bulk and this type of hair is a delight to hairdressers everywhere because it is easy to style and always looks good when they are done. The fabric of the hair is everything.
Brooke has an obvious irregular part with the off beat angle allowing the very top to be brought over and fastened under the side of her hair. The rest of the hair was smoothly styled into large cylinders that network together in a freeform below her shoulders.
If you have thin hair, use plenty of gel and hair products to assist this hairstyle. Remember that realistically your hair will never completely look like Brooke's unless you decide to get extensions to fill in the gaps where thickness is needed.
Brooke Burke - Long hair with robust texture
Photos by PR Photos
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