Happenstance Line Parting for Hair

Brooke Burke - Long hairstyle for thick and heavy hair
Photos by PR Photos
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American model and TV personality Brooke Burke has a true mane - a headful of thick, healthy but also heavy hair that needs the right treatment and cut to remain manageable and to look glorious.
Her hair was cut in just a few long layers from the chin down and parted on the side in a haphazard line. Even though it all looks natural and random, a lot of styling preceded this photo.
The hair was blow-dried over a large round brush to create much lift at the roots and to smooth out the lengths to a sleek shine. The ends were just slightly curved.
Brooke Burke - Long hairstyle with a happenstance parting line
Photo by PR Photos
Brooke Burke - Long hairstyle with layers from the chin down
Photos by PR Photos
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