Brooke Burke Hairstyles

natural look for long hair Brooke Burke wearing a long shiny dress
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Brooke Burke was born September 8th, 1971 and is an American model and television personality. She is known for hosting Wild On! and Rock Star and also for winning the 7th season of Dancing with the Stars.
The brunette power house to balance the blonde invasion of anything media shows her luxurious looks in very stylish shapes on television regularly and is always a picture of elegance and sophisticated hairstyles that are very wearable and not too hard to achieve.
Semi-updos are a great alternative to all the way up looks and Brooke looks stunning in those. They still show off the glossy length of her healthy hair, but keep it out of the face in a most refined and glamorous way.
Her long, brown and thick hair looks great no matter what she does with it. The earthy color works perfectly with her eyes and her skin tone. She usually has it cut in generous long layers and a little bit of texture in the tips.
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