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Christie Brinkley & Rachel Stevens

Christie Brinkley - 06/17/2009

Christie Brinkley knocks them dead with her mass of long layered blonde curls. She carries herself first class and still looks young and vibrant. I believe it was Halle Berry who once said "the best facelift is a smile." Christie's hair begins with a high side part that permits the top to be styled over with a large dip upon her brow and then to join the rest of the tussled curls upon the side. Her wave is seen as a little bit more prominent on the other side, while the rest of the hair snuggles around her shoulders. Her hair tones range from subtle bits of grey that we can barely see with our eyes, blonde and a darker blonde with the underneath of her hair a golden blonde/brown. Although Christie isn't as young as she used to be, she has proven that no matter what your age, if you still desire to look attractive, with eating right and exercise and the right hairstyle/color; you can achieve your dream.
If we could mix Christie's dress color in a bowl, it might go something like this: dark watermelon/orange, with maybe a dab of cranberry. Her scooped dress with her long necklace brings out her tan, her blue eyes and her hair. Her makeup is lightly brushed with bronzing/blush, eyeliner, and light shadow in the inner creases and smoky tones on the outer edges. There are brushed colored brows, mascara and a neutral flesh colored lip tint.
Rachel Stevens - 06/17/2009
Rachel Stevens - Long hair with different color tones
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Rachel Stevens' long brown hair reveals the various glossy slim lines of colorful tones of blonde, cinnamon and caramel. Beginning from her zigzag part, idle coils have been set in her hair to hang from her shoulders and upon her back and two slight waves that frame the sides of her face. Tip: consider purchasing either conventional spiral rollers that will twist on the top to secure in place, or there are also hot spirals you can twist around to suit your artistic endeavor as well.
Rachel is wearing a tan sheen to her makeup with the barest of blush, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, lightly penciled brows and light pink lip color.