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Ashley Tisdale & Demi Lovato

Ashley Tisdale - 09/13/2008

stylish pouf for hair Ashley Tisdale likes the blonde and brown paneled images in her long angled sides. The top is brought back and tucked under creating the stylish pouf. Gel products or thermo styling lotions as you blow dry and while you use the flat iron will help give a secure hairstyle to this easy image. Neutral colors of browns and tans harmonize with Ashley's lip color enhance her love for the woodsy aura her face brings.
The off white dressy Charleston look of bygone days besets her overall image upon the catwalk and dancing throughout the whole production! If you aren't too sure if neutrals would look this good on you try experimenting at home with the different tones, just remember; green is also a neutral color too! Just don't try to look too much like Ashley, but we can borrow her secrets, can't we?
Demi Lovato - 09/14/2008
Demi Lovato - Long hairstyle with a free fall of curls Demi Lovato - Long hairstyle with the bangs combed over to the temples
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Demi Lovato boasts long brown layers of hair that wind below her shoulders in a free fall of curls and others in loosely knit spirals. Her bangs are snipped in textures and combed over to each side of her temples. If this hairstyle suits you, after you wash your hair, flip your hair around with your hands getting the dampness out while blow drying lightly. When dry spritz some styling lotion on each section and twist with your curling iron. Because the hair is so long a smaller iron would probably work the best and the hair left to hang by itself.
Everything depends upon the texture of your own hair. For example, if your hair is limp with oily texture; one of the easiest and helpful things you can do is to have your hair tinted, as the chemicals in the tint will help drink up the excess oil that you build up. Make sure you seek a professional for this service, in this way they will communicate with you and come to an understanding of what you desire and also what you need.