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Ashley Tisdale with her hair styled straigh
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Ashley Tisdale has gorgeous coppery brown eyes that are the first thing a person notices when they look at her picture. Her hair color is a sun-tanned mixed blonde with light reddish and medium-brown slices paneled throughout the lengths.
Styled straight as a plumb line and cut in layers, Ashley's hair has been given a relative side section. Probably styled with gel generously applied and blown dry, possibly with a vented ceramic brush. A flat iron was used to create the steely smooth appeal and to display the angles along her face.
Summing up Ashley's appearance, she characterizes a sort of California girl beach look with her tanned skin and blonde hair, and she fits the bill completely. With the coppery color of her eyes, I like to envision how much more her eyes would stand out with a light strawberry reddish or coppery hair color and with the same form of makeup she is wearing.
Perhaps I would wrap a subdued sage-colored scarf around her neck to see the contrasting harmony with the hair.
Ashley Tisdale's suntanned beach girl look
Photos by PR Photos
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