Angie Harmon's Sleek Hair

Angie Harmon wearing her hair long with heavy bangs
Photos by PR Photos
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A glossy photo of how the hip used to wear their long hair in the sixties is displayed on Angie Harmon with heavy bangs that fall over her brows and into the middle of her eyes.
We see the central part that continues back with the hair on the sides ever so slightly angled and a few framed areas in a reddish mahogany color. A good flat iron will help with this image, and smoothing crème afterwards.
Natural neutral transparent foundations will blend in easily with a light tan like Angie's skin tones, and deeper, darker colors around the eyes bring a most attractive allure to her peers.
This is a good example of blending your makeup, yet using the application of fairly heavy eye colors and still looking sexy and natural. Was Cher her teacher?
Angie Harmon - Long sixties hairstyle for a brunette
Photo by PR Photos
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