Angie Harmon Hairstyles

American fashion model and actress Angie Harmon was born August 10th, 1972. She was a well-known model in the 90s. She had roles as Ryan McBride in Baywatch, Abbie Carmichael in Law & Order and Lindsay Boxer in Women's Murder Club.
Angie Harmon hairstyle Angie Harmon with long hair Angie Harmon with long wavy hair
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Angie's Greek and Native American ancestry is evident in her features and her dark, thick and sleek hair.
She usually wears her hair below shoulder length and cut in long, sweeping layers. This basic haircut lets her gather her hair in ponytails or pin together for updos with ease. Left open her hair is a sight to see in pure simplicity - sleek and long with a center or side part.
The thickness and healthy shine are better than a lot of fancy accessories or ironed in tricks. Even though she usually sports her hair straight, she has also been seen with super-sexy wavy body in her hair. Large luxurious curls and some texture around her face give her a softer and very feminine look.
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