Rachel Smith's Hair

Rachel Smith - Long chestnut hair with spiral curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Rachel Smith's lovely smile adds to the allure of her long chestnut hair. Styled in layers with an off-centered part, the top section boasts a smooth, dark brown hue, gently framing her face. Contrasting with this, the ends feature warm brown spiral curls that cascade below her shoulders.
To enhance her warm olive complexion, Rachel opts for a touch of bronze, light eyeshadow, a hint of eyeliner, and a neutral lip color. Embracing the trend of appearing effortlessly natural, she embodies the saying, "Why darling, I always look this way when I get up in the morning!" Of course, such effortless beauty requires a bit of artistry.
Now, onto the dress debate. Is it silver? Gray? Let's compromise and call Rachel's dress a light silver-gray. This hue complements her complexion wonderfully, especially since the color is so close to her face. The contrast with her reddish-brown ends against the gray fabric magnifies the warmth of her hair.
Tip: Pay attention to how colors interact with your skin tone and eyes. Wearing colors that complement your features can make all the difference in how you look and feel. After all, a beautiful dress should nhance, not detract from, your natural beauty.