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Katie Lee Joel & Melissa George

Katie Lee Joel - 04/15/2008
Katie Lee Joel with long razor cut hair
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The television host of numerous food-related shows looks delicious with her long razor cut hair flowing smooth and silkily down along her face and torso. Katie Lee Joel's hairstyle features layering along the leading edge of the style to frame the face and gives emphasis to the eyes and smile. The color is lush and shows off the condition of the hair by refracting and reflecting the light beautifully.
Melissa George - 04/15/2008

Long haircut with layering and volume - Melissa George The flaxen-haired actress Melissa George is Australian-born and sports a long haircut with a modest amount of layering on the lower third of the length to balance the volume of the wave in the style. Note the long, sweeping curves as opposed to intensely specific curls.
Combined with the angled side part and the behind-the-ear tuck on the passive side of the style, the long S-sweep of the fringe is the perfect balance for a prominent forehead or other seemingly bold facial feature.