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Ashley Benson & Leticia Cline

Ashley Benson - 04/09/2008

Ashley Benson - Long hair partially gathered at the nape The daytime drama actress (on "Days of Our Lives") looks sweet and lovely in this navy and white satin halter dress. Her long blonde waves are the perfect accessory, particularly when they are styled as well as Ashley Benson's are. Her super-long hair is partially gathered at the nape, creating a controlling crown at the upper section of the head while leaving the lower lengths to spill forward and shine.
A crisp parting of the fringe and soft styling in the arrangement provides the perfect medium for the interplay of the highlights and lowlights. The evenly-rolling waves in the length of the hair add energy to the style while controlling the level of volume. Best of all, the look is age-appropriate without looking too-juvenile or trendy.
Leticia Cline - 04/09/2008
Leticia Cline wearing her hair up Updo with face framing hair - Leticia Cline
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Updo with a twist at the nape - Leticia Cline Model and spokes-personality Leticia Cline shows off the assets that have made her a favorite in her target market. Her long golden hair is razor cut for layers around the face and styled up with a curved fringe veiling and framing her face. Her trademark tresses are gently gathered into a twist at the nape of the neck and tucked securely.
The longer portions of the fringe area are alternately tucked behind the nearest ear or left to follow the contour of the cheek and keep focus on Leticia's sparkling smile and glowing skin.