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Simona Ventura & Elisabetta Canalis

Simona Ventura - 2008/11/11

Long razor slithered hair - Simona Ventura Italian celebrity Simona Ventura has natural dark brown hair and being the outgoing gal that she is, likes her hair in a maddening color that is between a strawberry blonde, gold and an orange bronze, a color definitely not for the faint of heart. Her hair appears to be slithered with a razor to achieve the choppy texted ends she desires that hang loosely around her turtleneck.
The blue black shirt is a good choice to show off her color because the contrast is so striking. Julia has a great necklace that gives a break to the dark color she is wearing. Her smile sets an overall image of festive gaiety. We could all benefit more if we smiled like Simona.
Elisabetta Canalis - 2008/11/11
Elisabetta Canalis - Carefree shoulder length hairstyle Elisabetta Canalis - Simple layered hairstyle with a split on the side
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Elisabetta Canalis wears her hair in a simple layered style with a split on the side. Her color has been brought up a few layers lighter than her normal darker shade of brown and embellished with a few lighter caramel threads to give the appearance that she had spent more time in the sun than she expected. This is a true picture of a carefree shoulder length hairstyle. Simply blow dry and spot iron with your jumbo curling iron away from the face, run your fingers through lightly and spray with gloss. The small silver necklace was a good touch. Note Elisabetta isn't wearing any earrings. Her ultra organic natural make up appeals to today's green look with only a fine touch of blush and very little lip tint. Wholesome and healthy is the image we see for today!