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Andie MacDowell & Kylie Minogue Hairstyles

2007 Cannes Film Festival - 05/20/2007

       You've seen Andie MacDowell on television modeling anti wrinkle products and hair products for a large cosmetic company. Her long and luxuriantly brunette hair falls below her shoulders and awes everyone who sets their eyes upon her, and rightly so. Andie has those golden brown eyes that you can just escape into a fantasy land when you look at her. Not only does she model, but she is an actress too. She's our gal, she has naturally wavy and curly hair and no matter where it falls she looks oh, so cool! In our picture, her hairstylist has used a medium sized curling iron to achieve the spiral curls that are gathered together along the sides and in the back. Andie, has all my votes!
The Pucci Party - 05/20/2007

Kylie Minogue wearing a short retro hairstyle        Australian singer Kylie Minogue extends her personality through her vibrant smile and who wouldn't want to be the fortunate one to meet this charming lady? She attractively wears her short retro hairstyle in a myriad of pale blonde and strawberry tones and brushed back while pinned up with small curls and held in place with pins.
She also has small waves dipped in various places over her curls. This is nicely placed together and accessorized with small dropped earrings. This lady can get away with a lot, with that smile of hers!