Duo Toned Hair

Kylie Minogue with duo toned hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Let's face it folks, purple always says it best. No matter what the color, purple sings its own song unafraid of the rest of the crowd, a true Aussie celebrity!
Kylie Minogue bedazzles her onlookers with her duo toned hair on February 6th, 2007. With a golden blonde pouf next to her dark brunette, is it any wonder why purple reigns? I would not advise trying this color combination at home, better to let a professional work with you. This color combo is drawn from the sixties. As everyone knows there really isn't anything new under the sun.
Her hair is attractively brushed back from her face and not a strand is out of place. This style could be pinned back with ornamental combs, or placed into a stylish twist with sprays of fans about. Brush your hair totally back and see what you really look like with make up on. Do you dare to try this?
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