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Celebrity Hair Up Styles

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Debra Messing

Debra Messing's up-style with pieces that hang along the side of the face        Many hairdressers have this obsession to work with red hair and I am no exception. Celebrity Debra Messing is the epitome of a glamour queen of the reds. The coppery color goes very well with her creamy pink complexion and she has the personality to wear it too. To wear your hair similar to Debra's, begin with clean dry hair and section off parts of the bangs to hang off the side and along the temple area. Now, take your brush and begin to brush vigorously going back.
Attach with a hair comb diagonally or attach two hair bands in the back with one on top of the other. Take sections of the hair in the back and begin to back fluff for stability. Twist the ends around and fasten with hair pins. Don't worry about irregularity, the more eccentric this up-style looks, the better. Be creative and bold. Place the two inch pieces of hair in abstracts of c curls and large sprigs. Take the bangs down and smooth out smaller pieces to hang along the side of the face across the forehead. Spray.
Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba with formal up style        There are those that say celebrity Jessica Alba is the most beautiful and sexiest woman alive. We see her hair in a simple up do that goes quite well with her black evening dress. She has those lovely dark brown eyes and olive skin that gives strength to her smile. To try your hand, with a style like this begin with your clean dry hair. This is going to be so simple; you just cannot miss on this one.
Begin by sectioning off the top, sides and two sections of the back from top to bottom and clip each area. Use your brush and back brush each section. Smooth out the top layers and bring all the hair back into a hair band. Allow the hair to fall over the hair band or curl naturally in whatever way it desires to hang. Now take your large hair pin and lift the top section on to the height you would like to have. Notice there isn't a hair hanging or out of place. Smooth with spray.
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