Debra Messing Hairstyles

Debra Messing ponytail and flower in the hair Debra Messing wearing her hair up Debra Messing wearing her hair in a messy up style Debra Messing with her hair fashioned smooth
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American actress Debra Messing was born on August 15, 1968, in New York City. She is known for her roles as Grace Adler on Will & Grace and as Molly Kagan on The Starter Wife.
The first thing that comes to mind when hearing Debra's name is her gorgeous red hair, which she wears in voluminous open styles and the most exciting updos. Debra has some of the best hair in Hollywood and knows what looks best on her.
With her balanced features, she can wear any hairstyle and does not have to worry about where to place the volume. Her gorgeous updos are never overworked or too elaborate but made with a lot of casual finesse.
The best looks for her are the ones that do not cover her face. Bangs would not be beneficial, but much volume, up or down, makes her shine.
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