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The styling options for this particular short haircut are many and varied. Depending on the amount of time you have and the length of time you need for the hairstyle to hold, you can choose between thermal styling with a curling iron or hot rollers or a traditional wet roller set. The curling iron/hot roller method will give you faster results, but the wet roller set will offer long-lasting style.
After shampooing and conditioning the hair, decide how you plan to style the hair. If you intend to use a roller set style, you can use whatever product you choose to offer the amount hold you want to have. Use a mousse for softer hold and curls, a setting lotion for firmer curls and stronger hold, and a styling gel for the strongest hold and curls.
Wrap the hair around the rollers and secure them with off-base placement for minimized volume. Wrap the hair on the rollers in the pattern shown in the illustration. The rollers should be of sufficient size that the hair winds around the roller one and one-half times. Once the hair has been wrapped, allow the hair to dry naturally, or sit under a bonnet or hooded dryer until the hair is fully dried.
How to roller style short hair for a Kimberly caldwell look
If you choose not to use a wet roller set, you should blow dry the hair using a diffuser attachment and leave-in conditioner to protect the hair from heat damage. Once the hair is fully dry, use a light misting of hairspray and allow it to dry then use your hot rollers or curling iron to create the curls you want.
Once you have the desired curls, whether from a wet-set or thermal styling tools, use a wide-tooth comb to break up the curl and soften the overall style. You can follow up the styling with a light application of pomade, smoothing serum or mousse (applied with the fingers) to add some definition to the styled curls. A misting of hairspray to set the style will give you lasting hold.
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