Heidi Klum's Hair Styled Partially Up

How to cut diagram for a long blunt cut hairstyle
Heidi Klum is one of the most well-known supermodels in the world. Seen in everything from ad campaigns for Victoria's Secret Lingerie to photo shoots for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, Ms. Klum is one of the most beautiful women in the world today. One of the things she is most famous for is her silky, golden hair.
Heidi has parlayed her modeling success into film and television roles, further expanding her exposure and her recognizability. Whether she's on the runway, the tube or the big screen, she's always breathtaking.
The Cut:
While Heidi Klum, as a model, has had many, many different lengths of hair, she is shown here wearing her hair chest-length, or what would be called mid-back if viewed from behind. It's difficult to tell from this style but Heidi's hair actually does contain some layering around the face. (This was verified by researching additional recent photos of Heidi.)
To get the cut shown here, all you need to do is to section the hair in the standard seven-section parting, leaving down a half-inch perimeter. Cut an inch-wide guide in the front bangs area and a similar guide for the sides by drawing two segments together from each side of the face and cutting them as one to ensure evenness. Continue by cutting a guide in the center back of the hair.
Comb the hair in front of the ears forward at an angle (as shown) and cut along a vertical cutting line to create layers. Cut the back in a blunt cut by cutting the perimeter from middle to one side then the other using zero elevation.
Next, lower the sectioned hair in increments and continue the blunt cutting from middle to side until all the hair is down and the cut is complete. Use the razor tool to soften the ends of the hair and create a smooth finish.
The Style:
As shown here, Heidi is wearing her mid-back hair partially up, smoothed away from the forehead and styled to lie sleek against the scalp. The up portion of the hair is taken from the top and sides of the head with an angled dividing line that starts in front of the ears.
Heidi Klum hairstyle
Heidi Klum - Photos by PR Photos
To get this look, the hair should be first blown straight with the hair-dryer and then ironed smooth afterward. Prepare for the blow-out process by towel-drying the hair and applying your desired styling product - whether gel, mousse or styling lotion. Since you plan to flat iron the hair after drying, you can also use an anti-frizz, or smoothing serum on the hair.
Iron the hair in small sections, using long smooth strokes as you work your way through the hair. Once the hair has been ironed smooth, the hair in the top and side sections should be brought up and back to the crown of the head and confined using a ponytail holder, comb, barette or other hair accessory. Smooth the hair below the gather in with the rest of the hair.
The type of accessory can reflect the occasion, dressing the hairstyle up or down as the situation dictates. You can use everything from simple silk cord to jeweled hairpins or brooches in order to create a simple and elegant, or festive look. Finish the style by applying a light mist of spray laminator or shine enhancer and brushing it through the hair to add gloss and sheen.
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