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Rebecca Black's Long Smooth Hair

Take a look at this sweet long length hairstyle from Rebecca Black. The young singer looked very casual but fun, showing up in jeans to the 2011 Variety Power of Youth Event at the Paramount Studios (October 22nd, 2011). Boots, denim, and some interesting jewelry showed off Black's laid back personality and her hair matched the overall look.
Rebecca's long strands fall well past her shoulders and have a few layers chiseled in the front to create softness. It appears that the young songstress has a lot of hair so adding a few layers and some side bangs help add balance to the look.
Strands are parted deeply to one side and the bangs are cut right at the cheekbone. The bangs are long but help add some interest to a pretty plain hairstyle. Bangs are a good idea to spice up long hair and look especially cute when hair is pulled up into a ponytail.
Black's strands were blown out smooth and flat ironed for that sleek result. Her dark chocolate locks are probably her natural color. We think the shade looks great with her beautiful dark brown eyes. This laid back look looks great and is made complete with Rebecca's stunning smile.
Rebecca Black look ith boots and denim Rebecca Black wearing her hair long and sleek Long hairstyle with side bangs - Rebecca Black
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Photos: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock