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Rebecca Black

Pop singer, Rebecca Black, shows off her youthful style at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Vow" (February 6th, 2012) in a sheer shirt over a camisole top paired with low-rise dark jeans. The young actress wears her long hair loose and smooth with a side parting and iron-pressed finishing creating softly-curved ends. The long hair is layer-cut and the straight styling helps to elongate her petite frame, making her appear tall and lithe.
Even with a woven leather belt at the waist, Rebecca manages to dress up her ultra-casual ensemble by accessorizing with simple gold jewelry and sparkling heels. Her make-up is also "dressed up" with a shimmer to her lip color and ultra-lush lashes with really emphasize her dark eyes and make for a great finish to this hip, young look.
Rebecca Black - Long hair worn loose and smooth Rebecca Black - Long hairstyle with softly xurled ends Rebecca Black wearing a sheer shirt and jeans
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