Top of the Brows Bangs

Rashida Jones - Long hair with bangs that tip the eyebrows
Photo by PR Photos
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One year and nine months later on November 18th, 2008 we have a different Rashida Jones. She has gone from the golden brown hair to a more ashen shade.
The ends of her hair are a deep brown, matching her bangs that tip the top of her eyebrows. Her long hair is layered more and it looks like she is still favoring the small loopy earrings.
The ashen shade of her hair is close to the paleness of the light pink/mauve coat she is wearing. She looks to have lost a few pounds with the pixie chin. Her eyes have a little bit more make up with the smoky grey shadow, lashes and mascara, a touch of bronze and fire engine lip tint.
I like the bangs on Ms. Jones, however I'd like to make them chunkier and with a little pouf involved. I like the golden brown hair color on her better because she looked so healthy and earthen. Not so with the ashen shade. The new fiery lip tint is a good touch because it adds some needed color to her photo.
Tip: Something to consider is that not all of us will look good in bland colors, such as the ashen shade on Rashida's hair. Most of us need color on us, to bring out the sparkle in our eyes and the hues on our skin. You can pale it and fade out or you can be in the pink in a wink.
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