Rashida Jones' Informal Hairstyle

Rashida Jones - Informal long hairstyle with curls
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Rashida Jones wears her informal hairstyle patterned with thick wedges of hair chunked over her forehead and brushed back and over the shoulder in lazy messy curls. I can easily envision Rashida with her hair up and fastened in the crown with a cluster of curls.
The bangs would remain much the same and her earrings would be something like a centerpiece on a table and be displayed much more. Her swan neck has such a feminine quality and would be the bridge between the white dress and her hairstyle.
Rashida's pink lip tint brings a sparkle to her eyes that have eyeliner on the top, smoky and beige shadows, lashes and mascara, lovely blended brows and bronzing/blush.
Rashida Jones with her hair styled into messy curls
Photo by PR Photos
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