Parker Posey with Long Hair

Brunette Parker Posey wearing her hair long
Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock
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Our attention is drawn to an earlier November 13, 2006 shot of Parker Posey at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie "For Your Consideration".
When you look at the difference of Parker in February 25, 2010 and this shot, there isn't any comparison to how great she looks in 2010. She wore her brunette hair in a long layered shag haircut accompanied with the long bangs that hung along her sides.
It was cute on her back then; but today she looks like a classy elegant queen. She wore a minimal amount of makeup with eyeliner, mascara, pale light blush and a medium pink lip color.
Tip: Long hair can be feminine and at times sexy if the hair is in exceptionally good condition and with a customized hairstyle. If you are more mature, it can take away from your beauty when the hair is hanging around your facial features. Short hair can be lighthearted, sexy, feminine and classy and most of the time in great condition because it isn't allowed to gather split ends or become bland.
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