Noelia López Hair

Noelia López - Simple style for long hair
Photo by PR Photos
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In Palacio de Cibeles, Spanish model, Noelia López graced the step and repeat of the 2015 Maybelline NY Make Up Collection Fashion Show.
She dressed in head to toe black, from her sleek business vest and black long sleeved turtleneck top to her capris' showing her fabulous strappy heels allowing her face and hair to stand out more so than if she wore a colored ensemble.
Noelia may be wearing a monochromatic outfit but with so many interesting design facets going on with her ensemble, she was so clever to keep her hair on the simple side but not too minimal. She has just the right amount of volume in the crown area. Noelia has a combination of both a root boost spray and tactical backcombing in the crown to create the maximum amount of volume.
Noelia Lopez wearing a black turtleneck
Photo by PR Photos
To steal Noelia's beautiful hairstyle, first begin with clean hair. If one doesn't have time to wash and blow dry, a dry shampoo can be used, focusing on the roots. Next, apply a heat protectant cream to the hair shaft and ends. Then, flat iron on the lowest setting that will still adequately do the job.
Next, separate the crown and apply a root boost spray (or hairspray as a substitute) and blow dry the roots up off of the scalp. Some backcombing might be necessary depending on how thick the hair is. Once that is complete, bring the hair down and part it down the center and comb the crown area back and spray into place.
Noelia Lopez - Long hair with volume in the crown
Photo by PR Photos
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