Olga Kurylenko's 1940s Updo

Olga Kurylenko wearing her hair in a 1940s updo - Side view
Photo by PR Photos
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Gorgeous brunette bombshell, Olga Kurylenko was stealing a scene right out of Old Hollywood with her stylish 1940s glamour waves tactically on display in the bangs area. She debuted this lovely look attending the April 4th 2013 Los Angeles Premiere of sci-fi blockbuster Oblivion.
Olga surely recognizes how to pull off a successful marriage between an old Hollywood glam bang with a hint of modernization by using the braid throughout her beautifully executed updo.
Steal her style by first creating a forties inspired finger wave with wet bangs by combing the hair up and securing with a duckbill clip and then down and repeat. When dry, remove the clips for a perfect wave.
Back view of Olga Kurylenko's braided updo
Photo by PR Photos
The rest of her updo was completed on dry hair. First, apply a shine serum throughout the hair to avoid frizz and get those pesky fly-a-ways to stay down. Pull the hair down to the nape and place into three separate low ponytails. Remember to leave a section out to recreate Olga's trendy braid.
Next, wrap the hair into circular tendrils that build atop of one another and secure into place with hair colored bobby pins. Each time a new piece is wrapped, hair spray is used for maximum lasting power.
hairstyle with finger waved bangs - Olga Kurylenko
Photo by PR Photos
Olga Kurylenko wearing her hair up
Photo by PR Photos
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