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Natasha Kaplinsky hairstyles
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Natasha Kaplinsky strutted down the red carpet on May 12th 2016 for the Fragrance Foundation Awards, in a black halter dress with a turtleneck. She was not only careful to consider both the neckline of her dress and her earrings when selecting how she would have her hair styled.
The halter dress is a style that looks best when paired with an updo or a flared hairstyle (a hairstyle that has the ends flip out and away from the face). Of course if you have fabulous earrings, like Natasha does, you’ll want to style your hair to show them off too!
As an older woman in the realm of television and news, Natasha has always had shorter, more professional styles with loads of volume. To achieve this hairstyle, first begin by sectioning the hair into two sections (top and bottom). Next, begin working on the bottom section, by flipping the ends of the hair out. Hair spray as you go.
Then, move onto the top section (backcomb the roots of the hair). Pull the very top layer of hair out and curl it under. Natasha’s bangs and sides pieces are curled away from the face towards the back of the head. Voila!
Natasha Kaplinsky - Professional shorthairstyles
Photo by PR Photos
Natasha Kaplinsky wearing a halter dress with a turtleneck
Photo by PR Photos
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