Natasha Henstridge's Lightened Hair

Natasha Henstridge - Long ash blonde hair
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With a natural ash blonde color, Natasha Henstridge keeps the flow of her long smooth layered hair beginning from the middle to allow both of her sides to stream down and cuff around the sides of her face.
The rest of her hair lays in a thick mass around the shoulders. Her natural hair color has been lightened to be combined with a darker and warmer weave of blonde exhibiting a lively combination of the tones.
Natasha keeps her eyebrows tweezed with perhaps a slight brush of pencil added for epth. There is a shimmering beige/pink eye shadow that covers the inner/middle section of her eyes and then a light smoky hue is blended in the outer eye. Eyeliner, lashes and mascara are surrounding her beautiful light blue eyes. Her lips are set with a neutral lip tone.
Natasha Henstridge with lightened blonde hair
Photo by PR Photos
The light ivory beige knitted dress promotes a homespun wholesomeness to Natasha's image.
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