Mena Suvari Hairstyles

Mena Suvari is and American actress, fashion designer and model, born on February 13th, 1979. She is well known for her role in American Beauty and shaved her head in June 2007 for her role in a movie.
  • freestyle for partly upstyled hair
  • Mena Suvari with long wavy hair
  • Mena Suvari with black hair
  • Mena Suvari sporting a formal look
  • Mena Suvari
  • Mena Suvari wearing her hair long
  • Mena Suvari with short buzzed hair
  • Mena Suvari bob haircut
  • midway neckline hairstyle
  • hair with flip up ont the ends
  • Mena Suvari
  • Mena Suvari wearing a straight bob

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Mena has good chances to breaking a record for the most haircuts in a few years. Life is change and Mena does take this to heart and to her hair.
We witnessed her hairstyles evolving from long and curly to an extreme short crop; saw her colors switching from blonde to black and back to another shade of blonde; were kept in amazement by a parade of bobs, pixies, romantic updos, buzzed head, casual shags, stylishly sleek and sensuously messy.
Mena has the face and curiosity to do it all. Her balanced features can handle bangs, short and long, in or out of the face and she has a lot of fun with it.
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