Mena Suvari's Airy Hair

Mena Suvari with airy midway neckline hair
Photo by PR Photos
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Mena Suvari has light and airy feathered hair that is styled in simple fluffs that hang midway between her neckline. Her hair is fully layered. A few slices of blonde are noteable along with a shade of brown that appears to be about one level up from her original hair color.
Mena could have a very loose body wave in her hair to bring the appearance of a thicker style and that would be less trouble for her when she works on her hair for herself. Tip: If you've been having problems styling your hair, why not consider a light body wave. It will put more texture and bounce in your hairstyle and make it look much thicker too.
Mena's sleepy eyes have a little bit of beige and brown shadows blended in nicely over her foundation. We can see penciled brows, lashes, mascara, a hint of blush and a light pastel coral lip tint. Look closely at Mena's make-up, the coloring matches her hair to the max and the blending is outstandingly natural and this is what makes her look so stunning.
Mena Suvari's layered medium length hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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