Morena Baccarin's Short Haircut

Morena Baccarin with a practical short hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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Morena Baccarin attended the November 22, 2009, "2009 American Music Awards" in Los Angeles, Ca. with a very short haircut. Her hair was clipped up tight in the back and around the ears.
The top and the crown aren't too much longer, but enough to have the quality control needed when you are in a hurry and would like to look good, like Morena. With this practical type of haircut, all you do is wash, condition and apply your styling crème or gel to run through your hair and take off as by the time you get to your destination it should be dry.
You can also use a wide tooth comb for your pixie hairstyle if you do not feel like getting your fingers wet with the styling lotions. Blow drying would be up to you. For fatter hair, always blow dry with a round vented brush and finish with a spritz with gloss.
Going against the trend, Morena actually has some color on her lips and how lovely it is, as it warms her whole face. Along with the lip color, she is wearing a brown shadow, dark brows, eyeliner, lashes and attractively arched brows. Her dress has a wide long V in the front that goes all the way down to the waist.
Morena Baccarin with her hair cut very short
Photo by PR Photos
Hair and dress for a Morena Baccarin look
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Morena Baccarin with her hair in a practical pixie
Photo by PR Photos
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