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Morena Baccarin's Long Hair

Pretty Morena Baccarin was seen at the 08/17/2002 "The Four Feathers" premiere in Los Angeles, California and she wore her lovely long hair with a centered part and combed back along the sides to allow the top hair to fall over. The ends have been slightly curled to lie easily below her shoulders in soft fluffs.
One of the main things we can see in Morena's hairstyle is the amount of fluffy volume she has for her length of hair. Although it is long, her hair still stands out at an exciting dimension along her sides. No doubt this was done by a good volumizer product and a blow dryer and a large round brush.
A professional eye can tell that Morena doesn't have a lot of thick heavy hair, but rather hair that is angelic and fluffy instead. She gives the appearance of having more than she has and it all has to do with the product and blow drying. In choosing a volumizer, you are looking for a product that will expand your hair at least 5 times the original size.
Because Morena is wearing an attractive red flowered gown I would love to see her long hair up into a chignon to bring the culture out of her. Tip: when you wear your hair into an up do for an evening out, it lends a certain sophistication not otherwise had with your hair down. Her attractive red dress is sheltered with a light see through coat type. Be sure to keep watch what Morena will be doing next to her hairstyle.
Her makeup compliments her shallow skin color by adding pink tones in the foundation. Her attractively arched eyebrows extend a warm soft look to her eyes with a darkened and white eye shadow. There is light eyeliner, a little blush and a cranberry lip tint. Her red dress also helps neutralize the gold hues in her skin. Most of the time, when someone has those exotic golden/deep olive tones, they look best in the bright colors like the red Morena is wearing or a turquoise and I can see her in a beautiful deep purple like royalty. Pastel colors would not look as fetching on Morena, although they would bring out her pretty skin tones.
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