Maura Tierney with Her Hair Up

Maura Tierney wearing her hair in a messy chignon
Photo by PR Photos
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Maura Tierney attended the "Semi-Pro" Los Angeles Premiere on February 19, 2008 and this is when she still had her long hair. Her hair was a medium gold brown with several panels of different shades of blonde and caramel throughout.
The back was given a little height in the crown and the messy chignon sat around the center of the back of her head. The top gave way to a simple side part that brought her long bangs over to the side and covering part of one of her eyebrows.
She wore long lanky earrings that almost touched the top of the inside of her shoulders and was accommodated with a deep V-neckline on her black dress. Maura's makeup is set for a natural design with her attractive looking eyebrows unchanged, a small amount of eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss and where's the blush?
Maura Tierney wearing her hair in an updo
Photo by PR Photos
Tip: It is good to look natural and be able to display what a natural beauty you are; however, it should be left for your time of exercising or tennis. When attending a fancy premiere everyone should beef up their coloring just a little bit. In Maura's case, she should have a little bit of bronzing and blush and just a little bit more color on her lips.
Her long V-neck is nicely cut but we are seeing all flesh instead of color. A cut neckline like that gives an opportunity to add some color with netting, wraps or jewelry. The only disadvantage would be to limit your imagination and not dare to go against the flow of the trend today.
Maura Tierney with her hair styled up
Photo by PR Photos
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