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Maura Tierney's Long Straight Hairstyle

The yesteryear of Maura Tierney's attendance of the November 2, 2003 "Semi-Pro" Los Angeles Premiere displays a long straight smooth hairstyle that begins with a side part and a brush of long bangs that goes over to the one side.
A flat iron can be used when you need your hair as glossy as Maura's. Afterwards a little spritz of gloss or smoothing serum will help out with the texture and the health of the hair.
Maura's makeup is considered to be a clean natural look whose eyebrows are kept the way she was born with, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a light pink lip tone. She is wearing an excellent color of navy over bright red.
Maura Tierney with glossy long hair Maura Tierney wearing a red silk blouse and suit
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