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Maura Tierney with Short hair

Maura Tierney is wearing her hair cut in a short cap that is cuffed around her ears and a with few stray sideburns that fall in front. The top is styled over in an informal way that only skirts around the top of her forehead and there is just enough shortness in her crown to create the desired pouf to bring some spunk to her hairstyle.
She wore this playful pixie at the 2010 Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010.
This hairstyle can be a fast mover for those in a hurry in the mornings. After you shampoo, blot with your towel and apply your styling lotion and blow with your dryer for only a few minutes. Let the rest of the hair air dry while you apply your makeup. When your makeup is on, spritz some gloss and you are set to go.
Speaking of makeup, Maura wears her makeup in a very natural way with natural looking eyebrows, the barest of bare eye shadow, mascara, small amount of eyeliner and a translucent lip tone. Her orange glassed earrings go well with her strapless gown and short dark hair color.
Suggestion: let's get back to the basics and get some more color on those lips. The majority of women who wear next to nothing of color on their lips will look washed out. Everyone needs a little color to bring out their own color.
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