Lisa Loeb Hairstyles

Lisa Loeb is an American actress and singer born on March 11th, 1968. Her first hit was in 1994 with the song Stay (I Missed You) and she had her own reality TV show #1 Single on E! channel in New York City.
  • Lisa Loeb with shoulder length hair
  • Lisa Loeb's ponytail
  • Lisa Loeb wearing a long bob

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It is hard to imagine Lisa Loeb without her glasses. She especially likes the edgy models with a distinct frame and her affection for the eyewear goes so far that she is now even designing her own line of them. Her haircuts have to match her spectacles and a short fringe with a lot of texture and perhaps a smooth curve is a great way to soften the lines a bit.
Lisa keeps her hair chic and simple. Usually at about shoulder length and with an eyebrow length fringe as well as a center part. The long bob style has some texturing along the edges and every now and then even some waves. A very flattering look for Lisa, who also likes ponytails, pigtails and other fun and playful looks, is a shoulder length layered cut with some waves and wispy tips. All the movement and frothy volume are sexy and fun.
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