Lisa Loeb's Ponytail

Lisa Loeb with glasses and wearing her hair in a ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
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Lisa Loeb is wearing today's infamous ponytail. There are caramel and gold highlights woven into her dark brown hair color that puts a little bit of pizzazz in her look.
Her hair is cut into layers, as we can see the bits of hair that sort of flounce upon each other in the ponytail. Her bangs are flatly combed down to lie smoothly along her head and across her forehead and rest upon her temple and the frame of her face. A cutsy perky hairstyle!
Lisa has milky crème skin tones that quite obviously radiate in the photo. She is wearing very little make-up, but what she is wearing definitely enhances her lovely color. Eyeliner, mascara, hints of color on her cheeks and you guessed it; neutral lip tint. Her black turtleneck is definitely a complimentary color that completes the style of our little gal.
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